Who We Are

Charleston Volunteers for Literacy was founded in 2008. We currently serve 96 second graders at six Title One schools in Charleston County. The program is an evidence-based in school program that provides one on one tutoring for children reading at 15-40% below grade level. Learn more about us.

How We Change Lives

The ability to read is an essential skill to do well in school. There are 17 schools in Charleston County that would benefit from the CVL program. The program’s focus is currently on second grade, but the longer term goal is to expand into the third through fifth grades to provide ongoing literacy support. Program evaluation results from 2009-2010 show a 33% improvement in reading over comparable students in other Title One schools. Learn more about our results.

The Best Volunteer Experience in Charleston County

Our volunteers tell us that the incredible leaps and gains that they see in the children they tutor is a direct result of the individualized lesson plans and the relationships that they form with their Book Buddies.  And, the children we serve tell us the same thing. That's why we're certain that we're the most fulfilling opportunity around.

Board of Directors:
  • Scotty Buff, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Jon Butzon, Charleston Education Network
  • Elyse Detterbeck, Community Volunteer
  • Andrew Gowdown, Attorney
  • Clara Heinsohn, Charleston County School District
  • Angel Johnson-Brebner, Coastal Community Foundation
  • Roger Jones, Chair, Community Volunteer
  • Bridgitt Laird, WINGS for Kids
  • Ward Lassoe, Adjunct Professor, College of Charleston
  • Stacey Lindbergh, Palmetto Lowcountry Behavioral Health
  • Mary Alice Monroe, Author
  • Lynn Phillips, Community Volunteer
  • Jonathan Sanchez, Blue Bicycle Books

Administration and oversight of the program is conducted by the committee members listed above and governed according to established covenants and bylaws. All financial activities are monitored and executed through the Coastal Community Foundation acting as fiscal agent.

Site Coordinators:

Anne Lee Buck, Burns Elementary and Sanders Clyde Elementary

Bethany Jones, Memminger Elementary

Karolea Lucas, Mary Ford Elementary

Kathy Thomas, James Simons Elementary

Polly Lady, Mitchell Elementary

Program Director:

Joanne Calhoun, Ed.D.

Executive Director:

Kecia Greenho, Ed. M.